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Your Coronavirus Challenge!

Happy Friday! You've made it through another week! Cheers! To reward you, here is your Daily Coronavirus Challenge (written during a bout of insomnia). See how you well you score! Share with your friends at your next virtual happy hour!

1. What day is it?

2. Name three uses for canned chickpeas.

3. A mask can be made from: (a) a sock, (b) an old t-shirt, (c) underwear, (d) a vacuum cleaner bag, (e) all of the above

4. Zoom is (a) a TV show from the 70s, (b) a place where your kids "learn," (c) the only way you are see your parents 😟 (d) where all the best Seders take place, (e) all of the above

5. Name one thing you did yesterday (bonus question: what day was it yesterday!)

6. You have made banana bread: (a) once, (b) twice, (c) once a week, (d) who's counting?

7. It's important to exercise so you (a) power walk back and forth in your living room, (b) run away from your children at a sprint several times daily, (c) commit to a daily High Intensity Interval Training workout of cooking, cleaning, dishes, and laundry, rinse, repeat (d) lift cases of wine into your fridge.

8. Choose the answer that's right for you! The last time you showered was: (a) yesterday, it's important to remain fresh! (b) couple of days ago, come on, we are sheltering in, (c) I have become socially distanced from showers.

9. You are a pioneer, last week you decided you would learn (a) how to make your own granola, (b) what macrame is, (c) how to carve tiny furniture like Lester from The Wire, (d) cut and color your spouse's hair, (e) build a fort out of recycled wine corks and toilet paper rolls.

10. At breakfast you drink (a) coffee, (b) a green immune-boosting power smoothie (c) your own signature Breakfast Sangria, a new recipe that combines Prozac, red and white wine, fruit juice, and fresh tears.

11 -- BONUS QUESTION! Generally, you sleep (a) all night, feeling great, inspired by my new more mindful indoor lifestyle! (b) on and off, you know stress and anxiety keep me up a bit (c) sleep, I remember you fondly.

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