Back in 2003, before Facebook and Twitter and Eater and all of it, I was a freelance writer with an idea for sharing more of my writing with the world. I could only publish what I could sell, but I had so much more to say. (Don't we all?) So, I thought, what if I just put everything I want to say in a blog? My friend Harvey Kreiswirth helped me build the site (long before nifty platforms like Wix and Worldpress) and The Strong Buzz was born. I covered food, restaurants, chefs, trends, farmers, news, reviews, and more. It became one of the first and most celebrated food blogs in the history of, well, blogs. 

Fast forward 10 years. I was now married with two little kids at home and the blogosphere was fairly packed with young people who were out a lot more often than me. So I put The Strong Buzz to bed and focused on my journalism career and on being a mom.

With the COVID pandemic in full swing, and lots of us at home and searching for honest reporting, I decided to bring The Strong Buzz back. You'll find the same trustworthy reporting, written with a "strong" sense of humanity and humor.  I hope you enjoy the blog. Drop me a line and let me know!