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Warmlit — Propane Refill Service for Restaurants & Bars

Keeping Restaurant’s Outdoor Heater Tanks Full All Winter Long.

Warmlit is a new free delivery service for restaurants with outdoor heaters, sort of like a Soda Stream refill service, but for propane heaters. It comes to us from Andrei and Cathy Budu, a husband and wife team and veterans of the hospitality industry, who lost their jobs during the pandemic. “Our business vanished in a few weeks due to covid. But I’m here to give it another shot,” said Mr. Budu. “I wanted to help restaurants, so I’ve started a company to provide gas refills for bars and restaurants that use outdoor heaters for their al fresco dining settings.”

Warmlit Refill delivers gas refills to restaurants throughout Manhattan (and hopefully Brooklyn and Queens soon). They deliver 7 days a week, same day or next day. Empty cans can be swapped out for full ones for $33. (Order 10 or more and the tanks are $30.) If your restaurant doesn’t yet have tanks, a full new one is $75, and then the tank can be swapped out as many times as needed—the service is fast and delivery is free.

“I’m really happy I found a way to contribute to New York businesses coming through victorious in this covid struggle,” said Mr. Budu.

If your restaurant or bar needs outdoor heaters please read this post to find out how to get grant funding for yours, or to get reimbursed if you have already purchased heaters.

For more information and to make an appointment visit or call 646-883-0232.

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