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PPE, POS, and Cleaning Grant Now Available through Brooklyn Chamber of Commerce!

Running a restaurant in the age of COVID is kind of like flying a plane and hitting quicksand in the middle of the air. It's pretty treacherous, potentially fatal and it requires lots of deep cleaning. For operators, buying PPE, hand sanitizer, gloves, sneeze guards, goggles, and paying for deep cleaning on top of everything else is crazy expensive especially when you can't operate at capacity.

So when my friend Dawn Casale told me about this amazing new grant from the Brooklyn Chamber of Commerce, I was thrilled. Here's the deal folks: It's a one time grant of $600 per Employee (you can use your headcount from pre-COVID!) for Qualifying PPE, up to $2500 to Offset Costs of Deep Cleaning, Facility Health/ Safety Enhancements (such as sneeze guards, hand sanitizer stations and thermometers), and Point of Sale Devices (POS) from an approved local vendor.

Read more here and apply here. Please share with your friends doing business in Brooklyn!

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