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Tip Rules, Mental Health, Money Matters and a Restaurant Worker Story Slam!

Hey Strong Buzz family!

Some amazing ROAR events and programs to share with you -- feel free to forward this to friends in the business! Thanks,


TONIGHT! Coping in the Time of COVID

It’s no secret that the pandemic has been challenging for all of us — especially restaurant workers. We continue to have heart wrenching conversations on a daily basis with so many of the people who hold our industry up. That’s why ROAR has partnered with Coa -- the gym for your mental health -- to proactively offer mental health resources to restaurant workers on large and meaningful scale. The hope is that these initiatives will improve our lives by giving us all the resources we need to feel better and emerge stronger.

On November 8th, join Sean Feeney, owner of Misi and Lilia and founder of ROAR, in conversation with mental health and hospitality industry leaders putting mental health on the front burner— Dr. Emily Anhalt of COA, ROAR’s mental health partner, Laura Louise Green a recovering hospitality professional, therapist and founder of Healthy Pour, and Alexander Hardy, a writer, speaker and food lover who leads workshops on creative and cathartic writing (Literary Therapy) among other awesome things. We will explore the mental health crisis and a slate of solutions, best practices, and ways to support and empower teams so that they can thrive emotionally.

Featuring (free) antidepressant confections by Will This Make Me Happy.

Will This Make Me Happy is a baking project founded by Tanya Bush that explores the tangled relationship between food and feeling. Started mid-pandemic as a distraction from existential dread, the project asks whether eating sweetly can actually quell our deepest anxieties. Tanya’s pastries have appeared at Pioneer Works, the Brooklyn Grange, KIT, Tables of Contents, and in parks, bars, and homes all across Brooklyn.

DOL “30 Minute” Tip Credit Rule Change Webinar Nov 10th at 10am

The U.S. Department of Labor (DOL) has just changed its rules around the tip credit so that an employer cannot take a tip credit against a tipped employee if the employee performs non-tip producing duties for more than 30 continuous minutes. This is a significant change to current laws. To answer questions about this new DOL regulation, please join ROAR’s Executive Director Andrea Strong in conversation with labor lawyer and ROAR Counsel Amanda Fugazy, a member of Ellenoff Grossman & Schole LLP. Amanda is head of the firm’s Labor & Employment Law group, and one of the most experienced attorneys with regard to wage-hour compliance, and labor and employment of the restaurant industry. This event is free. Sign up here.

ROAR x COA 8 Week Emotional Fitness Class for Restaurant Workers!

Do you work in the restaurant industry? Your mental health matters. The restaurant industry is designed to make people happy and well-fed, but without support, workers can burnout at an alarming rate. We cannot wait any longer to provide the resources to keep those in the industry happy, emotionally fed, and mentally fit. Join us for Emotional Fitness classes for NYC restaurant workers, sponsored by ROAR, and gain the tools you need to build a foundation for mental health. The 8-class series launches on Thursday, Nov. 18th at 11am ET. 🔗 Visit (link in bio) to learn more & apply! ✨ NYC restaurant workers can take advantage of a special discount (no code required!).

ROAR x Financial Gym for Restaurant Workers!

Do you need help budgeting? Understanding your student loans? Questions about managing credit cards? Or, just want to develop a healthy mindset around your money? ROAR has partnered with Financial Gym to get you one-on-one tele money coaching FREE. Join ROAR's Sean Feeney @seanbfeeney and Financial Gym @thefinancialgym Shannon McLay @theshannonmclay on Nov 16th at 11am for an Instagram Live info session on all you need to know about all things in today's financial sphere!


he ROAR Story Slam is December 8th at the ACE Hotel Brooklyn!

CALLING ALL RESTAURANT WORKERS! TELL US YOUR STORY! On Dec 8th, ROAR will host its first Story Slam at the @ACEHotelBrooklyn We want to hear your stories of resilience, joy, grief, love and hope. We are looking for 5 storytellers to share in a Moth-style Story Slam. Fill out this form by November 15th to be considered and apply!

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