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The Strong Buzz Returns

If you love Some Good News, and I know I do, here's some from me. The Strong Buzz is coming back. Never heard of the Strong Buzz? Well, this means you are young, so very young. It was the blog I started in 2003, all about restaurants, chefs, and all sorts of important news relating to the business of food. In 2014, with two small kids at home, I stopped writing it. Now, I feel like it's time to bring it back. We are all home. We need to connect. We need information that's trusted and also makes us laugh. That's what I do best. So, stay tuned for the return of The Strong Buzz, this time with all sorts of important resources on COVID, restaurant relief, parenting, homeschooling, cooking, remaining married, not ruining your children, and daily musings on coping in the time of a pandemic. Stay tuned!

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