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Take Your Mask Off So I Know How Much to Tip You.

New Report Addresses the Pandemic & Sexual Harassment

COVID-19’s devastation of the service sector has been well documented, including the closure of thousands of independently-owned restaurants and the unemployment, underemployment, and impoverishment of millions of food service workers nationwide. It has also lead to higher risks for contracting the virus, did not have adequate protections, and higher rates of sexual harassment according to a new report from One Fair Wage.

On Tuesday, 12/15 at 2pm EST, please join essential workers, 'High Road' restaurant owners, together with celebrities, allies, and legislators to discuss the 'triple crisis' facing tipped service workers in today's economy as a result of the two-tiered wage system and inequalities exacerbated by the Covid-19 pandemic—and the responses needed by legislators and investors. Speakers will be uplifting the findings of One Fair Wage's shocking new report on service workers’ experience of health and harassment during Covid-19 entitled, Take Off Your Mask So I Know How Much To Tip You."

This groundbreaking report, which surveyed 1,675 food service workers in NY, MA, IL, PA, NJ and DC, details how coronavirus has exacerbated the power imbalance between tipped servers and their customers. "Tipped workers — 70 percent of whom are women — were always somewhat beholden to their customers, the coronavirus economy has given the customer far more power, leaving servers vulnerable to sexual harassment and health risks, as many customers refuse to respect the restrictions necessary to keep servers safe. Struggling to get by, servers are more reliant on tips than they used to be." - The Lily, Washington Post.

To be a part of this important and timely conversation, register at

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