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Summerlong Supper Club Extends Memberships and Expands to DC!

For those of you who haven't heard, Summerlong Supper Club is a fantastic way to feast on amazing 3-course restaurant-prepared meals at home while supporting the restaurant business though the long cold winter. The bad news is that the program sold out rather quickly. The good news? It's back, it now includes wine and cocktails, and it's expanded to DC!

Due to an overwhelming demand since closing the membership period last month, Summerlong Supper Club is now offering Partial Memberships for the remaining 2 months of the 100% charitable dinner program designed to do one thing – make sure your favorite restaurants are still here come summer, as well as expanding the program to Washington D.C.

This time, diners will have the option to add wine, beer, and cocktails to their order, like the El Guacho Mezacalero: Sombra Mezcal, Punt e Mes, Fernet Branca, Grapefruit Juice, Lime Juice from Colonia Verde; the Island in the Sun: Grand Agave Tequila, Velvet Falernum, Lime juice, Fever Tree Ginger Beer from Contra; or the Kanpai Martini: Plymouth Gin, Blat Vodka, iichiko Sochu, Perucchi Bianco Vermouth, Lillet, Guindilla Pepper from La Vara.

Payment options include:

1) One-time, up-front, delivery - you pay $520 up-front or $65/week. 2) Weekly, auto recurring, delivery - you pay $70 weekly or $560 total. The one-time payment is priced lower to encourage up-front payment and provide our restaurants with as much money up-front as possible. As always, 100% of proceeds go directly to the restaurant. 3) Cocktail additions will be priced at $10 each, 2 for $18, 4 for $32

Participating restaurants include:

  • Contra / Wildair

  • Cookshop

  • Glasserie

  • Alta Calidad

  • Colonia Verde

  • Rahi / Adda

  • Cafe Paulette

  • Kintsugi

  • Atoboy

  • ThaimeeLove

  • Rucola

  • M. Wells Steakhouse

  • Cafe Mogador

  • Meadowsweet

  • La Vara / El Quinto Pino

  • Llama Inn

In collaboration with ROAR, Summerlong Supper Club has so far:

  • Raised over $1.2 million for the participating restaurants

  • Donated over $100K of meals to NYC healthcare workers, plus an additional $25K in partnership with Acqua Panna and an additional $15K in partnership with Stella Artois

  • Built out a private, in-house Supper Club delivery network employing its own generously paid delivery staff, and completely removing the 30% delivery fee usually charged to restaurants through third party delivery partners

  • Brought on sponsors including Stella Artois, Fever Tree, Branca USA, Davos Brands and Acqua Panna

  • Expanded to launch a 2nd Summerlong Supper Club in Washington D.C. in March, partnering with Rose’s Restaurant Group (Rose’s Luxury, Little Pearl, Pineapple & Pearls) and many other leading DC restaurants

I've been a member since the beginning and I LOVE it. (Favorites so far include Meadowsweet, Rahi and Cookshop). Enjoy!

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