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Staying Sane (with children): Resources & Read Alouds (from me)

Are you home? Are you home with children? Are you still sane?

If you answered yes to the first two, but can't seem to figure out the answer to that third one, we are on the same page.

Like me, I am sure you have a litany of resources that are meant to educate and inspire your children while allowing you to cook, clean, and work your full time job! I like Prodigy, Khan Academy, Brain Pop, and Outschool. For cooking, which is an essential life skill as we have all come to learn this past month: Dynamite Shop, Spoons Across America, Cafeteria Culture. For fun, watch Some Good News.

Would love to hear your faves —share with me in the comments below.

Michelle Obama has launched a read aloud series every Monday to begin today, Monday April 20th, on PBS, so check it out here.

And if you want a laugh, and a good story, here are three read aloud stories (probably best for younger kids up to 2nd grade) recorded by me and my family to use when you need a break. More to come in the coming weeks.

Now, I am off to finish my coffee, and begin Google Meets with 25 first graders, while attempting to report on Pandemic EBT and the failure of the Payroll Protection Plan!

Remember to pick your battles, breathe a few deep ones, and that it's ok for kids to be bored. That's where the creativity (eventually, after the fighting and whining) comes out.

We are in this together,


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