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Meet the New Executive Director of ROAR (hint: it's me!)

After more than 20 years writing and reporting on the business of restaurants, the time has come to do something different. Over the past few years (and this one in particular), I've been increasingly interested in legislative policy and working towards more equity between front and back of the house, and also advocating for owners and operators of small businesses who cannot handle the staggering costs of rent, labor, and mounting regulatory costs. I've been writing a lot about it.

So when I heard that ROAR NY was looking for an executive director, I jumped at the chance. And last week, well, they hired me!! I have never felt more excited about an opportunity in my life—the chance to support front and back of house workers, to bring a new more sustainable operating paradigm to our industry, and to create a holistic ecosystem of care for all restaurant employees. It's thrilling and humbling to have been given this opportunity.

ROAR already has an amazing track record. In addition to raising $3 million in relief funds distributed directly to unemployed restaurant workers, they have helped secure NYC’s outdoor dining program for the future, advanced restaurant workers into the first priority order of vaccines, and launched an industry-focused vaccine bus in partnership with the Mayor’s Office.

I can't wait to get started and dig into the tough issues and big picture challenges that face our industry. With the amazing Steering Committee at ROAR I know we can build a stronger, more sustainable future of our magnificent New York City restaurant community. #HEARUSROAR!


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