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Just in Time for Summer: Gorgeous Picnics with Vibe

I love a picnic—especially during the pandemic, I’ve craved getting outside and eating and drinking with friends under a blue sky. But you know, sometimes the schlep can be real. Especially when you’re bringing games for the kids, blankets, baskets, plates, napkins, chairs, what have you. Now comes a new boutique picnic production business that will do it all and create a gorgeous landscape so you can live your best picnic life.

Monique Powell, 38 and her girlfriend Nicola Herrera, 32, have launched VibeNic, a new Black-owned picnic event planning and production business ideal for those who want to have an al fresco meal in the park, without the hassle of all the schlepping.

With VibeNic, they travel to the park or outdoor venue of your choice, and set up a stunning site to match your mood. Whether it’s a romantic proposal, a baby shower, a day of fun and games with kids, or a boozy brunch with friends, they will work with you to create an outdoor venue that feels festive and elegant, with pillows, flowers, tables, flatware, bluetooth speakers, custom decor, table setting and linens, teepees, lawn games, and more.

Both Powell and Herrara have a passion for crafting and creating. Herrera is an elementary school teacher and Powell is the founder of Dream Realms by Monique, a miniature bird cage and fairy design business. The two realized they loved decorating and planning parties and thought they might bring their passion to the picnic. Their first fetes in Prospect Park have already become something of a sensation on social media.

To book a VibeNic, message them on Instagram with your desired location and number of people. They will reach out to chat and plan your perfect picnic. Prices are per person starting at $200 for 2 people and up to 14 for $600. See you in the park!

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