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It's time for The Great Big Jewish Food Fest

What are you doing today? Having trouble figuring out whether to reorganize your sock drawer by color or style? Or perhaps there's a promising homeschooling website you haven't tried yet? (There isn't.)

Take a break and lock yourself in your room (or a closet, whatever is most private) and tune into the The Great Big Jewish Food Fest, a 10-day, virtual food festival celebrating Jewish foodways across America taking place now through May 28th. Michael Twitty, Gabriella Gershenson, Gail Simmons, Ruth Reichl, Adeena Sussman, Mike Solomonov and Joan Nathan are among the confirmed hosts.

Some highlights I am particularly excited for:

While all programs are free and featured on Zoom, Instagram and Facebook, the organizers welcome contributions to support their presenters, small businesses that are struggling, and organizations that are helping address food insecurity in this moment, and every moment.

Enjoy! And as my father would say, Zei Gezunt! 

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