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It's Purim— Get your Free Hamantaschen at Dagon

The Jewish holiday of Purim is Thursday! Naturally, as this is a Jewish holiday, this one's all about food—in this case, hamantaschen—buttery triangular cookies the texture of shortbreads filled with the likes of jam, chocolate and poppy seeds meant to evoke the memory of one seriously anti-semetic man named Haman.

Now, you could make your own—something I like to do every year with the kids and their friends, which means there is flour in my kitchen for weeks to come— or you can head over to the newly opened Middle Eastern restaurant Dagon, where chef Ari Bokovza is sending guests home with free packages of hamantaschen (poppy, strawberry and chocolate) on Thursday 2/25 and Friday 2/26.

The restaurant, which is the latest from Simon Oren (Marseilles, Nice Matin, Five Napkin Burger), serves the foods of the Middle East — all sorts of fun sharable mezzes, as well as Sabich flatbread, crispy roasted leg of lamb with dates, walnuts, wild rice and shwarma spice, short rib tagine over Israeli cous cous, Harissa BBQ chicken and Duck Matzah Ball Soup. It's worth a visit, especially the promise of free hamantaschen at the end of dinner.

Happy Purim!

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