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Eat Well Until Summer...and Save Restaurants: Introducing The Summerlong Supper Club

This week indoor dining in NYC closed (again), and as winter approaches the worst is yet to come. More than 1,000 NYC restaurants have closed during the pandemic, from Michelin-star stand-outs like Uncle Boons to much loved neighborhood standbys like Peaches Hothouse. This is an extinction-level event for NYC restaurants, and the time to act is now. Restaurants are the life force of our city, and it's time to show them how much we care.

That's why I am excited to introduce this amazing new concept—Summerlong Supper Club — a 100% charitable 16-dinner program designed to do one thing — make sure our favorite restaurants are still here come summer. Their goal is to raise $120,000 for each restaurant or ~$2M all together!

The best part is, in addition to giving back, you'll also be enjoying exclusive dishes (only available through Supper Club), created by a once-in-a-lifetime, dream team of NYC restaurants representing 14 different cuisines including Vicki and Marc from Cookshop and Vic's, Akhtar from Alta Calidad), Eder and Alex from La Vara, Erik from Llama Inn, Rivka from Cafe Mogador, Julian and Henry of Rucola and June Wine Bar, Chintan from Rahi and Adda, Hugue from M. Wells, and more!

Since you probably order out once a week already, this is really a smart and easy opportunity to help restaurants even more. When you order through a delivery app, the delivery app takes a 30% cut so the restaurant only gets 70% of the check. In Supper Club, the restaurants get 100% of the check every time. What's more, some of these restaurants (like M. Wells) aren't available for delivery / takeout.

So, here's how it works:

• You receive 1 dinner per week for a total of 16 dinners, from a different restaurant every week. The Supper Club will kick-off on Jan. 12th • Each dinner is priced at $50 for a 3-course meal and feeds 1 person (app, main, & dessert), sales tax not included (so two people should order 1 meal each, family of four might be okay with two meals depending on kids' appetites) • The total cost is $800 (16 dinners x $50), and 100% of that goes directly to each restaurant in January to provide the funds they’ll need to survive the winter. Subscriptions will be available for purchase until Jan. 1st (you can share with another family if you like!) • You can choose from pick-up or delivery; delivery is available for a $10 per dinner fee, 100% of which goes to the delivery team • Each of our talented chefs is busy designing an exclusive prix fixe menu for Supper Club - so watch this space for updates! Customizations and substitutions will not be offered to best support our chefs.

You can also give the gift of Summer - a Supper Club subscription makes a wonderful gift. For each gift order placed, the gift recipient will receive a custom-made e-card commemorating the occasion. Please specify gift orders during check-out.

This FAQ is also very helpful.

Order here, and give a gift today!

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