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Drink Wine and Put Books in the Hands of Underserved Kids

You're going to buy a lot of wine this holiday season. Why not buy it from The Great Brain Cell Sacrifice, a new wine company with a unique and meaningful mission to bring literacy to all children. The company was started by two parents with children in the NYC school system. After attending countless fundraising events with crappy wine, they decided to create a wine brand that gives back to children in underserved communities. For every bottle purchased they will donate a book to their nonprofit partner, Books for Kids. Founded in 1986, they have 50 libraries across the country and can turn your sacrifice into real change for the kids who need it most. Their goal is to donate 1 million books.

Bonus fact—these wines are really good. Their Rose ($29), Pinot Noir ($35) and Chenin Blanc ($28) were created by master winemaker Justin Willett (Tyler, Lieu Dit). He makes pure, elegant, balanced wines in Santa Barbara using grape varieties that originate in Burgundy and the Loire. The winery was named Winery of the Year in the 2019 Domestic Wine Report. We can all drink to that.

Learn more here.

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