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Dawn's 'TILL DUSK: A Lovely Late Summer Opening

I got an email last week from my son's school with the subject line: "We are excited to welcome you back to school!" Sorry, delete. I am not ready to go back to school, but thanks. When I looked on a favorite home design website, World Market (the best), the splash page read "It's not too early to start thinking about Christmas!" Well, let me be the first to say, YES IT IS (and your marketing people are insane)!

Why are we always in a rush to look to the next season, the next thing? Fall Previews are already in your inbox, but I am not going there. Fall is not here for a WHILE yet, and I am staying in summer until they drag me out of it kicking in screaming.

Speaking to the current moment then, the height of August, where the Greenmarket produce is at its prettiest and most ripe and delicious, I am here to share a lovely late summer opening with you. Dawn's TILL DUSK is a new restaurant from One Girl Cookies team Dawn Casale and Dave Crofton who collaborated with Consulting Chef Madalyn Summers, formerly of Torrisi Italian Specialties, M Wells Steakhouse, M Wells Dinette, and Estela, to create a menu that is a celebration of a multicultural story that so many New Yorkers share, with Chinatown references, Street Cart riffs, Bagel Shop faves, and Little Italy leanings.

Dawn's is built for August. It's a place you can go and sit and relax as the sun as it sets and enjoy a glass of chilled white or summery red, with bowls of Marinated Olives with lemon, orange zest, rosemary, mustard seed, and fennel seed; Stuffed Medjool Dates wrapped with smoked ham; and handfuls of Spiced Toasted Almonds tossed in a mix of sumac, chili, cumin, and brown sugar.

Spiced nuts by the handful, the perfect partners for chilled glasses of white or pink.

Or you might also tuck into a banquette in the cool air conditioned dining room for lunch or later, and dig into a Street Cart Chickpea Bowl with crispy spiced chickpeas, romaine, fresh herbs, pita chips, fresh tomato and cucumber salad, harissa hot sauce, tahini dressing, beet pickled turnips, and pepperoncini; or a Little Italy-inspired Chicken and Broccoli Rabe Sandwich served warm on ciabatta, with provolone, miso mayo, and tomato jam.

Dawn's S.T.L.T. Two hands, please.

You can also use Dawn's as a perfect spot to pack a picnic for the park. The classic smoked fish bagel is reimagined as an S.T.L.T. — Smoked Trout, Lettuce, & Tomato—Blue Hill Bay smoked trout from ACME, paired with butter lettuce and roasted beefsteak tomato slices on toasted Bien Cuit Pain de Mie with tartar sauce. Dawn’s Smoked Ham ‘Cuban’ is stuffed and pressed in a Bien Cuit ciabatta roll with smoked ham, Swiss, caramelized cabbage, house made pickles, whole grain mustard, and miso mayo. Two vegetarian sandwiches are on the list: a Roasted Mushroom Sandwich, topped with walnut pesto, roasted and marinated sweet peppers, baby arugula and balsamic reduction and a Marinated Eggplant Sandwich, layered with smoked mozzarella and pressed on house made focaccia bread, finished with tomato jam and baby arugula.

And if you're up early with the kids. or for some sort of work meeting, or a road trip to a place far from home, go over for breakfast: a strong cup of freshly brewed Partners Coffee and a New York Style Crumb Cake, a Cheese and Raspberry Danish, or a Bacon, Egg, and Cheese Sandwich with Jalapeno Relish.

Sit out under shade of an umbrella at midday, and feast on the joy of August, a month at the edge of summer, a beautiful lazy time if you keep yourself in the moment. Sweaters and pumpkin spice and all manner of Hygge can wait.

The Details.

Dawns ‘TIL DUSK is located at 33 Main St, Brooklyn, NY 11201, (212) 675-4996

Open 7 days a week

8am-8pm (give or take)


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