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Curious Elixirs. Hand-Crafted Cocktails (without the booze)

Drinking is something I have always enjoyed. Mostly wine, but also beer, and a nice cocktail. I have a drink every day, sometimes more than one. I like a glass of wine when I make dinner, with dinner, and sometimes after, too. It's probable that the COVID pandemic, a President (and GOP) who is blind to science, humanity, and morality, the burning and flooding of so much of our planet, and homeschooling two children while attempting to keep my career from flat-lining may be contributing to my level of devotion to wine and spirits. Definitely possible.

But there are times when I would like a cocktail or a glass of wine when it's rather early in the day and I also have work to do and it's probably best not to begin. So I was quite pleased to discover Curious Elixirs, beautifully complex booze-free cocktails, handmade with the best ingredients and no added sugar in the Hudson Valley.  

Founded by John Wiseman, Curious’ bottled non-alcoholic “shaken, not slurred” beverages blend organic ingredients with adaptogens to help de-stress. Yes, please! Curious was created for people looking for a non-alcoholic option, for whatever reason they are not drinking alcohol, whether it’s a lifestyle choice, for health or fitness, due to pregnancy, or simply doesn’t drink at all. “So many people are choosing to drink less, and everyone deserves something delicious, something special, something real that tells a story and helps make you feel good,” said Wiseman.   

Curious’ offers four different cocktails at the moment:

  • Like a Negroni? Try Curious Elixir No 1.— a booze-free spin on classic stirred cocktails like the Negroni. But this is no sugary mocktail. It's a hand-crafted adult beverage without the alcohol.

  • Favor a Dark & Stormy? Try Curious Elixir No. 2 — the spicy lovechild of the pineapple margarita and the Dark & Stormy. It's made with organic citrus, peppers, ginger, and the ancient Mayan herb damiana, to mellow you out while your taste buds tap dance. Enjoy over ice with a lime wedge.

  • Love a Cucumber Collins or Bee's Knees? Try Curious Elixir No. 3 — inspired by modern cocktail classics like the Bee's Knees and the Cucumber Collins -- but crafted without alcohol -- then boosted with the power of ashwagandha, a plant used in Ayurvedic practice for over 5000 years to reduce stress, inflammation, boost memory and lower blood sugar.

  • Fancy an Aperol Spritz? Try Curious Elixir No. 4 — a booze-free take on classic Italian aperitifs like the Aperol Spritz. But instead of alcohol, this Elixir is packed with the exotic citrus of blood orange and green mandarin, the fizz of non-alcoholic prosecco, and the cooling power of American ginseng, turmeric, and holy basil (tulsi) to help you de-stress. Curious Cocktails are $35 (8 cocktails in four bottles) and are only sold online at the moment. Get yours ASAP. Cheers!

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