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Beat the Heat: Summertime Running Gear, Goods, & Tips

It’s hot. Climate Change deniers may be living in some other alternate universe where temperatures are not rising, but here in the real world, it’s hot and humid and super sticky. And if you’re runner and in training for the fall TCS Marathon or just like getting out and running outside rather than a treadmill it’s definitely challenging to run without melting or passing out from heat stroke.

I'm strictly an outdoor running and I sweat a lot (a lot), and I wanted to share some summer gear and tips that help me get through without winding up a puddle on the pavement. Please add some of your favorites too in the comments!


Yes, it’s important to drink water! But when it’s super hot out you may not be running where there are water fountains and it's important to carry water with you. This Nathan is my favorite hand held bottle for hot weather runs, it’s light and insulated so it keeps your water cold and has a little pocket for stashing fuel, money, keys, what have you. You can also use a hydration vest or camelback. Also, pour water over your head and wash your face off. I do this at water fountains and it helps cool me off a lot.


On hot days and long runs in particular pop an electrolyte tablet in your water – seriously this will help keep you in balance and not depleted. I use NUUM. Particularly on long run days in the heat, drink one before you go on a hot day, take one with you and drink one after.


Pack a gel with you, one with electrolytes like Huma, which are all natural and made with chia seeds, or Maurten gels which are great because you don’t have to wash it down with water. Fuel before you think you need it! You don't want to wait too long, so aim for the first fuel one hour in.


Cotton is great for crisp sheets. It is the enemy of the runner because cotton absorbs water like a boss and you don’t want your clothes to get heavy with sweat, you want the sweat wicked and whisked away. So stick with materials like merino or synthetic fibers that are light, airy and push sweat off your body. You don’t have to spend a lot, just find a tee or tank that is wicking. For shorts, check out this list from Oiselle.


Chaffing is what happens when you sweat and the salt accumulates on your skin and those little particles rub under your bra line, between your legs, and your toes. Always use Body Glide on super hot or long running days and during the marathon too because it’s just so many miles and so much salt that will dry on your skin.


Running shoes should not be tight! At least a size bigger than you usually wear because your feet swell and you don't want black toenails. Really. You don’t. Go to your local running store and get a fit and size in a shoe that works best for you.


Timing your run is also important – obviously it's cooler earlier and in the evening. Try to get out then and NOT during peak sun. Run in the shade of a park rather than the steamy cement sidewalks.


Always use sunscreen – face, arms, legs. One that’s sweatproof is even better. I like the Super Goop sunscreen and particularly the GLOW STICK.


Protect your eyes with sunglasses or a hat (I find hats too hot). Get some GOODR glasses; at $25 they come in amazing colors, they are light, slip-free, and you won't even know they’re on.

What else? If you have tips and tricks please comment! Happy running and see you out there!


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